About ADKC

ADKC works to enhance opportunities for disabled people (with physical, sensory and hidden impairments), living or working in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. ADKC does this by:

  • Providing servicesADKC's Breaking down barriers postcard image - highlighting some of the barriers that disabled people face - such as pooraccess, discrimination, cuts and isolation.
  • Providing an accessible Resource Centre
  • Setting up or supporting new services in response to needs
  • Empowering disabled people to act on their own behalf
  • Raising awareness of disability issues
  • Championing the rights of disabled people


ADKC is committed to working within the Social Model of disability – breaking down the many barriers that can disable – such as those shown on our postcard image above. This philosophy is reflected in all areas of its work.

As an organisation of disabled people, ADKC ensures that disabled people take part in the planning and management of its work. The organisation is also committed to Equal Opportunities and will consider the needs of all minority groups when planning and delivering its services.

Wrecking ball knocking down a wall of bricks labelled with words affecting disabled people, such as discrimination, cuts, isolation etc