Basic internet course – your views needed

We are in the process of designing a basic internet / social media course, for people who have never used the internet or who are not confident using the internet…. and we would like your ideas on what to cover.

We are considering these as possible topics….

  • Setting up an email account and learn how to use it
  • Find out what a “website” is and how to use them
  • Learn how to search for useful information on the internet
  • Work out how to use Skype to talk to friends over the internet
  • Use Facebook to catch up with people and organisation
  • Use Twitter and instagram to share your thoughts
  • Join up to mailing lists so you can get information sent to you (and how to stop getting information!!)
  • Find out where you can get on the internet for free (and how to be safe when you do this)

We’d like your suggestions about what we missed out, that you think would be helpful for a beginner?

Do you have special experience of using accessible / assistive software? Or know good apps for smartphones / tablets?

Would you consider helping out on the course to support another ADKC member?

Please let Glenda ( and Jenny ( of any ideas you have or to offer your support.


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