Blue badge consultation – ends 18th March

The Government’s consultation about changes to the blue badge scheme ends on 18th March 2018.

If you would like to take part in this consultation, you can find more information, including in regular and easy read formats, on the blue badge consultation webpage.

Background –

The Government changed the PIP criteria for support with moving around.??Previously, people whose mobility was affected due to severe psychological stress, mental health issues, difficulties with understanding and autism, had been able to have DLA and PIP for mobility needs.

After the change, only people with physical impairments were eligible. This also meant that many people were also no longer to get blue “disabled parking” badges.

Recently, however, the Government lost a court cast about this, so they have had to change the PIP criteria back. This meaning that some people with severe mental health issues, autism etc, will again be able to score points for help to move around. It also means that they should be able to have a blue badge again.

The Government is doing a consultation about “extending” the Blue Badge scheme, but in reality, they are just putting it back as it was before.

People whose mobility is impaired due to mental health / autism and learning disabilities will, once again, be able to have the support that they had been entitled to before the Government changed the rules!




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