Independent Living and Care Fair – Update.

The word Independence on a green traffic sign, with a white arrow pointing to the right

Our Independent Living and Care Fair took place on 4th October 2017, attracting over 100 people!


The day started with??a joint welcome??from Jamie Renton, Chief Executive of Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea and Michael Sprosson, Commissioner for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Our first talk was about rights under the Care Act, from Svetlana Kotova from Inclusion London‘s Disability Justice Project.

Three representatives of CLCH’s Stroke Support Service talked about their service and the value of peer support for stroke survivors by stroke survivors.

Katy Murray and Shaun Bezant gave a talk on behalf of the Council. Katy talked about the??Council’s aims to increase Personalisation in care – in other words, making services suit people better.?? Shaun explained the role of the Direct Payment Finance Team and the team supports??people??who have a Direct Payment by being an early warning system for people who are struggling with their Direct payments or who are not getting all the support they are supposed to have.

Wendy??from Ashbourne Healthcare and Sabina Kelly from??Right at Home Central London, two local care and support providers, gave an overview of how each of their services work, the importance of?? providing truly personalized support to their and the “Unique Selling Points” of their services!

Jenny Hurst, Personal Budget Co-ordinator from ADKC, gave a short run through about what a PA is and why some people chose to employ Personal Assistants. She shared quotes from members of ADKC’s Personal Budget User Group.

Emma Barnes from David Howard Payroll ran through what was important for people to Employ Personal Assistants, and what payroll agencies are able to help with.

After lunch, the talks were rounded off by David Ashley from Mark Bates Ltd (Premier Care Insurance). He gave a very brief overview of Employers Liability Insurance for Personal Assistant Employers.

Throughout the day we had invited people to write up some burning questions / issues. Jamie Renton (ADKC), Michael Sprosson (RBKC commissioner), Svetlana Kotova (Inclusion London) and Shaun Bezeant (Direct Payment Team) all kindly agreed at short notice to sit on a panel to answer some of the “burning issues”, and some questions form the floor.

Throughout the day, attendees were also able to visits stalls from relevant organisations:

Statutory Services: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) – Information and Advice team and Direct Payment Finance Team,?? RBKC / NHS Community Independence Service and CLCH (NHS) Stroke Support Service,

Care providers: Ashbourne Healthcare, Bluebird Care (K&C), Caremark, Care UK, Good Care Group, Grace Eyre (shared lives scheme), Helping Hands, Right at Home (Central London).??Age UK and British Red Cross also offer a “Care” support service.

Community Organisations: Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC), Age UK K&C, British Red Cross, Carers Network, Citizen Advice Bureau (Kensington), Disability Rights UK, Health Trainers (Turning-point), Healthwatch K&C, Inclusion London (Disability Justice Project), POhWER, Transport for All, Westway Community Transport and Your Credit Union.

Direct Payment / PA employer Support Services: ADKC (PB support service and PB users peer support group), Barrie Bookkeeping, David Howard Payroll, Disability Rights UK (PB helpline), Fish Insurance, Mark Bates (Premier Care Insurance Ltd.)?? RBKC Direct Payment Finance Team,

Commercial: My Care Consultant