Daybed / wheelchair – for private sale.

A message from an ADKC member about an item for sale privately:

Amazing daybed/wheelchair for sale

I have an air comfort Hill Heath Care deluxe daybed/wheelchair for sale, with footrests and tray.

It is in excellent condition as it was only used for 4 months.

It is one continuous pressure mattress that adapts to different positions and has padded side panels and headrests that can be collapsed to allow a transfer from a hospital style bed.

It enabled my husband who was paralysed to be taken out and visit our local lexi cinema and the Tricycle theatre.

The chair sits high off the ground ,is easily pushed and is very manoeuvrable because of the fantastic engineering which has gone into it. Details are on Action Mobility Centre- Pressure Relieving Air Chair.

I originally paid nearly ??2000 and would like ??1000 for it.

Telephone?? 020 8459 7346 or 07502 122 337 and ask to speak to Heather

Disclaimer: private sale

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