Benefits – FAQs

Q. Can I claim Disability Living Allowance?
For people over 16 and under 65, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is being replaced by Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

You can claim Personal Independence Payment??if you are a disabled person.

It isn’t means tested and doesn’t count as earnings, this means that you can claim it if you are working or on benefits and it won’t have any affect on any other money that you have coming in.

See this external??website for more details??(this link takes you to the GOV.UK website.).

Q. I am still getting DLA – should I call the benefits people to ask about PIP?

If you are of “working-age” and are still receiving Disability Living Allowance, you do not need to do any thing yet. There is a change-over program and you will be told when you need to apply.

Q. Will I automatically be transferred onto PIP if I currently have DLA?

No! You will be told that your DLA is ending and you will be invited to claim Personal Independence Payment. If??you do nothing, your benefits will stop!

Q. I do not get any benefits yet … How can I claim?
The government department in charge of benefits is the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). This website gives more information about Personal Independence Payment.

ADKC’s Information and Advice Officer can support you to talk to the DWP and complete the form, once you have it.