Care and Support – FAQs

Q. I don’t have a social worker and feel that I need one. What can I do?
Contact the Duty Social Worker and explain your situation or, if you have never contacted social services before – contact the Social Services Line on 020 7361 3013.

Q. I am not happy with the service that I’m receiving from Social Services or from a care provider. What can I do?
Our Personal Budget Support Service might be able to help you, alternatively you can contact Pohwer, who can support you to present your case.

Q. What does Independent Living mean?
Independent Living is about disabled people being able to take charge of their life, learning about their options, making choices about how they choose to live and then doing it with as much or as little support as they need, but it is also about taking responsibility for your actions and sometimes involves taking risks.

Q. What are Personal Budgets (PBs)??and Direct Payments (DPs)?
Instead of providing people with the support that they need, Social Services can give them money so that they can buy their own support. People can employ their own support worker, decide on the kind of support that they want and when they want to receive it. The ADKC Personal Budget Support Service can provide more information and support about Personal Budgets and Direct Payments.