External: Financial Exclusion – your experiences.

Inclusion London, an organisation supporting Deaf and Disabled People, and supporting organisations like ADKC, has asked us to forward the following. If you have any examples – please contact Henrietta using the details at the bottom of the article.

Have the impact welfare reforms made you financially excluded?

For instance a bank may not have given you a loan??or closed an account.

The Lords Select Committee is carrying out an inquiry into financial exclusion and one of the questions they are asking is,?????What has been the impact of recent welfare reforms on financial exclusion?

Financial exclusion usually means a lack of access to a range of financial services such as those provided by banks including current or savings accounts, loans, credit and debit cards.

The welfare reforms include:

  • Disability Living Allowance being abolished and replaced by Personal Independence Allowance. This includes the change from 50 metres to 20 metre walking distance criteria for enhanced rate mobility payment
  • Changes to housing benefit such as the social housing size criteria (commonly known as the bedroom tax)
  • Harsher sanctions regarding Employment Support Allowance or JobSeekers Allowance
  • Tighter criteria for Employment Support Allowance via the WCA
  • Benefit cap.

Please let me know your experience on any areas of financial exclusion by 5 September by email:


Or telephone me on: 07703 715091

Inclusion London is responding to the Lords Select Committee inquiry into financial exclusion and your experience will inform our evidence. Your anonymity will be preserved.

You are welcome to submit evidence directly to the inquiry.

Information about the inquiry is available at:


The deadline for submissions is??Wednesday 14 September.

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