Westminster People’s Empowerment Group

Westminster PEG (People’s Empowerment Group) EASE THE LOAD AND HANG YOUR TROUBLES HERE!

The PEG welcomes all disabled, isolated and lack of confident residents of North Westminster to our Peoples Empowerment Group. The Group shares confidential discussions around day to day life challenges and barriers, it is also a place where you could have the space to feel free and safe to talk in a warm welcoming environment.

This is a member led group where you are listened to. You can expect to receive peer and mentor support and guidance where you are no longer isolated or alone, where you can gain the skills to become confident, feel uplifted and empowered with support.

This is delivered by an Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea User-led group, who have developed a support network with members and have been providing peer support for disabled residents of Kensington and Chelsea, acting as mentors who have shown a strong interest in supporting a Westminster PEG.

We meet Every other Thursday from 11:00am – 1:00pm

Venue: Leonora House Centre 49 Lanark Road

Maida Vale London W9 1RA

For more information call Project Manager Glenda Joseph
020 8960 8888
Minicom: 020 8964 8066

Email: Lifelonglearning@adkc.org.uk

Click for a printable version of the Westminster PEG flyer (pdf)

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Access all Areas exhibition

An ADKC member has kindly bought the following to our attention…

Discover the latest in accessible transport 

Access All Areas, London’s largest accessible transport event, is coming to ExCeL London on 19 March. Hosted by TfL, it’s an opportunity for those interested in accessible transport to meet with decision makers, engineers and businesses, and to learn more about accessible services and innovations. Visitors will also be able to try out the latest public transport and vehicle designs.

Go to the ‘What’s on’ tab to view our agenda of sessions, workshops and tours throughout the day. You can reserve a space at any of these sessions when registering.

Register now for this free event to be part of the discussion on accessible transport across London and beyond. By signing up in advance, you can claim a free return ride on the Emirates Air Line cable car on the day of the exhibition (Tuesday 19 March only). You must present your registration confirmation email to claim your ride.

To sign up, click on this link to the TfL Access All Areas webpage and click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

If you have any queries, or need help registering please contact us or email TfLAccessibility@tfl.gov.uk.


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ADKC Legal Advisor Vacancy

Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea

ADKC, an organisation of disabled people who live and work in Kensington & Chelsea require

DISABILITY SPECIALIST LEGAL ADVICE WORKER (Salary: £25,786 / 4 days per week)

to provide a quality Specialist Disability Legal Advice service to disabled people throughout the Borough. Specialising in Welfare Benefits and general Advice with Casework in discrimination, accessible transport reviews and community care. Also providing social policy/research, to support ADKC’s campaigning role of challenging the barriers which prevent disabled people from fully participating in society  

ADKC actively encourages disabled people to apply

For an application pack Email: adkc@adkc.org.uk / tel: 020 8960 8888

Closing date: 21/02/2019

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Far from the Tree public screening

ADKC have been asked to mention an upcoming, disability-related, screening at the Lexi Theatre.

It is the only public showing of the documentary made by Andrew Solomon based on his book, Far from the Tree, which won the 2012 Welcome Prize. It will be shown on Sunday 24th Feb at 2pm at the Lexi Cinema, Chamberlaine Road, NW10 3JU – on the 52 and 452 bus routes from Ladbroke Grove.

 This is the information provided by the cinema – for more information, please contact them directly.


Director: Rachel Dretzin. 93 mins

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_1bVhenzZ0

FAR FROM THE TREE follows families meeting extraordinary challenges through love, empathy, and understanding. This life-affirming documentary encourages us to cherish loved ones for all they are, not who they might have been. Based on Andrew Solomon’s award-winning, critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling non-fiction book “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity.”

The Lexi Cinema | The Nomad

Office: 020 8955 1521 | Bookings: 020 3011 5523 

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Your help needed for mental health .. please contact your MP

Your help needed to get more MPs to hear about the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill… 

Our allies, Inclusion London, have asked us to share with ADKC members their “Call to Action” to get MPs at an upcoming debate… see more below.

We’re writing to you to ask that you act now; time is limited and we need to get our message to MPs before the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill is debated in the House of Commons. We would be very grateful if you could share our template letter to MPs with your organisations, it’s crucial that as many people as possible let MPs know about the widespread opposition to the bill.

We started a petition in 2018 asking people to support our call to protect the rights of people receiving care and support. The petition has nearly 200,000 signatures which shows the widespread opposition for this bill.

38 degrees petition on the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill

At present, the government seems intent on bulldozing a potentially dangerous bill through Parliament. If we don’t act now, this could become law. There are serious implications of the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill:

  • The Mental Capacity Amendment Bill is not rights based, it does not protect or promote Disabled people’s liberty and it does not reflect the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.
  • There are serious conflicts of interest as to who has the power to make important decisions about a person’s deprivation of liberty and this could mean that people are forced to live in care homes or be physically or medically restrained if it’s an easier or cheaper option for a local council or service provider.
  • The government now wants to seriously restrict the rights to advocacy for people facing deprivation of liberty, as well as support to enable a person to understand their rights and to understand, challenge or appeal the process.
  • The government has rejected an important amendment put forward by the House of Lords which now means people will be left without support to understand the process, take part in it, raise objections and prevent authorisation before it is too late.

There has also been a very short period of time for members of the public to voice their thoughts or concerns with the bill. When asked, the government could provide no evidence they had sought to consult Disabled people. The government has also failed to put the bill in Easy Read, a format that will help people most likely to be affected by the bill to understand it. This is unacceptable and is in breach of the Equality Act. We asked Disabled people what they thought about the bill, you can read our report here: PDF format, Word format

We feel strongly this bill shouldn’t be rushed through in this way. We’re asking for proper consultation with the people who will be impacted by this bill. There needs to be adequate consideration and scrutiny of what this bill could mean for people receiving care and support.

We hope the government can pause and work with Disabled People’s Organisations and self-advocacy groups to ensure the Mental Capacity Amendment Bill becomes an act that promotes and protects Disabled people’s liberty.

3 ways you can act now:

  1. Read our briefing
  2. Post about the bill on social media using the #mentalcapacitybill hashtag
  3. And, crucially, please write to your MP, and encourage your organisations and those likely to be affected by the bill to do so too, using our template letter. MPs will get a final chance to debate this bill and make changes to it in the next couple of weeks. Contacting MPs now could really make all the difference. Find your MP here: https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Please email al.morrison@inclusionlondon.org.uk for our evidence to the Public Bills Committee in Easy Read (file too large to link here)

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Help improve Social Care…

New opportunity to get involved and have your say about social care in RBKC and Westminster … join the Local Accounts Group…. this is an introduction.

We are passionate about involving residents in every aspect of Adult Social Care’s work in Bi-borough. That means helping us design our services, being instrumental in the specifications of new systems, reviewing our day to day work, holding us to account, and celebrating successes with us.

In order to further promote this agenda, we have set up the Local Account Group(LAG) to enable residents to be fully involved with us to do this in a structured and facilitative way. It has got off to a great start with a very engaged and vocal group of residents from a range of backgrounds.

However, we urgently need to recruit and involve more residents to be part of the Group. Can you please suggest any residents who would like to be involved in this important, interesting and empowering forum?. The time commitment would be a meeting once a month, plus additional work in the community and opportunity to do more and be involved in other exciting projects. It’s a great opportunity for the service users to be trained, and paid for their contribution to improving our services.

We’re a working on an Ambition Plan with the group to define their objectives over the forthcoming year. We’re really leading the way with this work and both councils are fully supporting us. It would be great to have more residents on the group so please do put the word.

For more information about the group and what’s involved, please contact Rachel Dickinson, Quality Assurance Manager, atrdickinson@westminster.gov.uk

We are holding an open forum on Friday 1st February at 5 Strand, Room 3.1 @ 11am for people to meet me and the existing members.

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Direct Payments research group

The Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea project has been contacted by Francesca Pozzoli, a researcher from the University of Milan.

She is doing comparative research on the types of support for disabled people in the UK and what is available in Italy.

She is particularly interested to hear people’s experiences of Personal Budgets, Direct Payments and person-centred-planning (planning your support how you want it).

Members at the recent Personal Budget user group agreed that we should run a meetings so disabled people in Kensington and Chelsea can share their good and not so good experiences with personal budgets and direct payments.

Our session will be on Wednesday 30th January 2019, from 11.30 to 1, at the ADKC Centre. 

For more information, please contact Jenny on 020 8960 8888, or email independentliving@adkc.org.uk.

See our DP research working group flyer.     Share you experiences of Personal Budgets and Direct Payments on Weds Jan 30th 2019 at 11.30 at our group meeting with international researcher Francesca Pozzoli


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Have your say… ADKC’s service review.

ADKC is a user-led disabled person’s organisation. This means that we need to make sure that what we are doing is what local disabled people want. We do this by asking ADKC members their opinion.

If you have not already filled in our Review of Services questionnaire (handed out at the AGM and sent by post before the office closed over the holidays) there is still a short time to get your answers in and have your say … and we would love to hear your views!

If you don’t want to complete the paper form, you can give your answers to our very easy questions, in just a couple of minutes, by:

  1. Going to www.menti.com
  2. Type in the code 12 27 87 and tick??which ADKC services you have used, and which ADKC groups you have attended, in the last 12 months.
  3. Then type in the code 79 45 59 and tell us what you thought of our services and what services you would like ADKC to provide in the future.

You don’t even need to sign up for an account (so you won’t get lots of annoying emails)… and all your comments are anonymous (unless you also write your name!)

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Basic internet course – your views needed

We are in the process of designing a basic internet / social media course, for people who have never used the internet or who are not confident using the internet…. and we would like your ideas on what to cover.

We are considering these as possible topics….

  • Setting up an email account and learn how to use it
  • Find out what a “website” is and how to use them
  • Learn how to search for useful information on the internet
  • Work out how to use Skype to talk to friends over the internet
  • Use Facebook to catch up with people and organisation
  • Use Twitter and instagram to share your thoughts
  • Join up to mailing lists so you can get information sent to you (and how to stop getting information!!)
  • Find out where you can get on the internet for free (and how to be safe when you do this)

We’d like your suggestions about what we missed out, that you think would be helpful for a beginner?

Do you have special experience of using accessible / assistive software? Or know good apps for smartphones / tablets?

Would you consider helping out on the course to support another ADKC member?

Please let Glenda (personaldevelopment@adkc.org.uk) and Jenny (independentliving@adkc.org.uk) of any ideas you have or to offer your support.


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Dates for ADKC meetings in 2019!!!

Happy New Year! ??The proposed dates for most of ADKC’s 2019 user group meetings are now available on the events page!

To view all of the events go to our EVENTS page for a month by month list.

You can also use the EVENTS page to search, by typing in the name of the meeting in the search area and then clicking the search button. You can use the advanced search by clicking the advanced search link.

The picture below shows the search area (red oval), the search button (marked by the red circle) and the link for the advanced search (marked by the purple oval).

Screenshot showing the search field, the button to initiate search and the link for advanced search options


Not sure what meetings would be of interest (or what to write in the search area on the events page)?

If you use care and support services or need help to live an independent life…

- you might be interested in the “Independent Living Surgery” or the “Personal Budget User Group”.


If you want to campaign or work to make things better for local disabled people…

- you might be interested in the “Access Group” or “Positive Rights Action Group (PRAG)”.


If you need some support with things that are causing you stress…

- you might be interested in the “Trauma Group” or “Positive Empowerment Group (PEG)”


If you are after something a bit more light hearted / social…

- you might be interested in the “Happy Group” or the “Chess and Scrabble”.


If you are looking to learn something…

- see if there is a “Course” that is of interest.


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