Have your say… ADKC’s service review.

ADKC is a user-led disabled person’s organisation. This means that we need to make sure that what we are doing is what local disabled people want. We do this by asking ADKC members their opinion.

If you have not already filled in our Review of Services questionnaire (handed out at the AGM and sent by post before the office closed over the holidays) there is still a short time to get your answers in and have your say … and we would love to hear your views!

If you don’t want to complete the paper form, you can give your answers to our very easy questions, in just a couple of minutes, by:

  1. Going to www.menti.com
  2. Type in the code 12 27 87 and tick which ADKC services you have used, and which ADKC groups you have attended, in the last 12 months.
  3. Then type in the code 79 45 59 and tell us what you thought of our services and what services you would like ADKC to provide in the future.

You don’t even need to sign up for an account (so you won’t get lots of annoying emails)… and all your comments are anonymous (unless you also write your name!)

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Basic internet course – your views needed

We are in the process of designing a basic internet / social media course, for people who have never used the internet or who are not confident using the internet….  and we would like your ideas on what to cover.

We are considering these as possible topics….

  • Setting up an email account and learn how to use it
  • Find out what a “website” is and how to use them
  • Learn how to search for useful information on the internet
  • Work out how to use Skype to talk to friends over the internet
  • Use Facebook to catch up with people and organisation
  • Use Twitter and instagram to share your thoughts
  • Join up to mailing lists so you can get information sent to you (and how to stop getting information!!)
  • Find out where you can get on the internet for free (and how to be safe when you do this)

We’d like your suggestions about what we missed out, that you think would be helpful for a beginner?

Do you have special experience of using accessible / assistive software? Or know good apps for smartphones / tablets?

Would you consider helping out on the course to support another ADKC member?

Please let Glenda (personaldevelopment@adkc.org.uk) and Jenny (independentliving@adkc.org.uk) of any ideas you have or to offer your support.


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Dates for ADKC meetings in 2019!!!

Happy New Year!  The proposed dates for most of ADKC’s 2019 user group meetings are now available on the events page!

To view all of the events go to our EVENTS  page for a month by month list.

You can also use the EVENTS  page to search, by typing in the name of the meeting in the search area and then clicking the search button. You can use the advanced search by clicking the advanced search link.

The picture below shows the search area (red oval), the search button (marked by the red circle) and the link for the advanced search (marked by the purple oval).

Screenshot showing the search field, the button to initiate search and the link for advanced search options


Not sure what meetings would be of interest (or what to write in the search area on the events page)?

If you use care and support services or need help to live an independent life…

- you might be interested in the “Independent Living Surgery” or the “Personal Budget User Group”.


If you want to campaign or work to make things better for local disabled people…

- you might be interested in the “Access Group” or “Positive Rights Action Group (PRAG)”.


If you need some support with things that are causing you stress…

- you might be interested in the “Trauma Group” or “Positive Empowerment Group (PEG)”


If you are after something a bit more light hearted / social…

- you might be interested in the “Happy Group” or the “Chess and Scrabble”.


If you are looking to learn something…

- see if there is a “Course” that is of interest.


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Women’s event Agenda

We are now able to annouce the agenda for our disabled Women’s conference:


Arrival and registration 11 for 11.15 start.

-         Opening Remarks from the Mayor

-         Speaker – Suzanne Bull MBE – CEO of Attitude is Everything.

-         “From Right to Vote…”

-         Famous / Inspirational Disabled People – who are they?

-         ADKC Women’s Group members (presentations and discussions arising if sufficient time).


-        ” … to Disability Equality”

-         Discussion group sessions

-         Consultation – Rights and access to voting for disabled people in RBKC

-         Decisions about campaigning / Final conclusions.

Close of meeting (approx. 3.45)

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ADKC’s disabled women’s event 18/10/18

ADKC will be holding an event on from 11.15 – 3.30 on Thursday 18th October to celebrate the achievements of local disabled women. This forms part of the celebrations marking 100 years since women gained to the right to vote, thanks to the campaigning by women of the Suffrage movement.

You can book your place by:

-         By booking online (using eventbrite) - https://vote100strongagainsttheodds.eventbrite.co.uk

-         By emailing Jenny,

-         Phoning 020 8960 8888

-         Texting to 07553 370 074

Please find attached our event flyer or TEXT ONLY Strong Against the Odds flyer.

Strong against the Odds Flyer thumbnail

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Newsflash – Autumn 2018

Our Autumn Newsflash is now out!

You can wait for the hard copy, or read the ADKC Autumn 2018 newsflash here!.

Don’t forget that our publication archive page holds this and other recent ADKC newsletters and publications!

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Police Advisor Job for disabled person

Our colleagues at Inclusion London have sent along this job opportunity – see below for application details:


Are you a Deaf or Disabled person interested in policing and crime issues?

Would you like to work with the Metropolitan Police Service to increase knowledge and insight of the issues affecting Deaf and Disabled Londoners?

If so, you may be interested in becoming an Independent Advisor on the Disability Independent Advisory group to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). This is a non paid voluntary role.

As a member of the Disability Independent Advisory group you will help the MPS build insight and understanding into the needs, wants and assets of London’s Deaf and Disabled people’s communities addressing issues: including Disability Hate crime, critical incidents, everyday policing and strategic policymaking.

For more information on the Disability Independent Advisory group , what becoming a member of the group involves and how to apply, please click the links below where you can download the Disability Independent Advisory group application pack in standard and Easy Read format.

Standard Word version: Disability Independent Advisory Group Application Pack – WORD version

Standard PDF version: Disability Independent Advisory Group Application Pack – PDF version

Easy read Word version: Disability Independent Advisory Group Application Pack – EASY-READ – WORD version

Easy read PDF version: Disability Independent Advisory Group Application Pack – EASY READ – PDF version

Equal Opportunities monitoring form: DIAG Recruitment Equal Opportunities Monitoring form.doc

 Closing date for applications: 5pm Tuesday 30 October 2018

  • Interviews will take place in central London on: 14, 15 and 16 November 2018
  • Candidates invited to interview will be informed by: 2 November 2018
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Two weeks to tackle transport discrimination

Have you experienced discrimination when trying to access public transport? Have you been trated like a second class citizen when you have tried to use a train or bus? Have you been told there are no accessible toilets on the train, in the stations?

If you have… I am sure you would have liked to get proper justice! but many people can’t afford the legal fees.

The #transportjustice project would tackle this problems by having solicitors to help local disabled people for free

HOWEVER, they need to raise £10,000 to pay the solicitors – they already have £6500 in two weeks, but if they can’t raise £3500 more by the 28th September, they don’t get anything!

This will mean that all the disabled people who would have benefited from the funding, will not be able to… and disabled people will still be discriminated against when trying to use public transport.

If you, or your friends/family, can afford to donate a small amount – go to https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/fight-disability-discrimination/

Whether you can make a financial contribution or not, please share the information with as many other people as possible – in person, over the phone, via social media (using #transportjustice )or any other way you can think!

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Advocacy Project Newsletter and Choir

Colleagues at the Advocacy Project, a service for people with Learning Disabilities and/or Mental Health issues, have let us know about the Advocacy project Service user newsletter (external PDF).

This can also be found on their website: https://www.advocacyproject.org.uk/news/welcome-to-our-service-user-newsletter/.

They’ve also established a local choir to address social isolation and increase wellbeing.  It’s open to everyone.  It’s pop up in nature and will rehearse in different places and at different times so that they’re as inclusive as possible.  their first performance is on 5th December and they’re singing at the 5k Santa in the City run  (2000 runners in Santa suits!).  There’s more info on this link: https://www.advocacyproject.org.uk/the-advocacyproject-choir/.

If you want further information about these, please contact the Advocacy Project directly.

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Accessible theatre performance – Kiln.

We received information that the Kiln Theatre will hold two “accessible” performance of their play – called “Holy Sh!t” .  There will be an Audio Described version on 25th September, and a Captioned (subtitled) version on 2nd October.

For more information about the productions / to book, please contact them directly or visit the Kiln Theatre’s website:  https://kilntheatre.com/whats-on/holy-sh/  .

Disclaimer: the above is for INFORMATION ONLY. ADKC has no dealings with the Kiln Theatre and this posting should not be taken as a recommendation by ADKC. NOTE: Personal Assistants / Carers are charged the full cost of a regular ticket.



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