V&A BSL interpreted performances

A message from our colleagues at the V&A:

Family Art Fun Pop-up Performance –BSL Interpreted

Did you know that the V&A Museum in London has BSL performances especially for families?
Performances are interpreted by signer Matthew Wainright from Deaf Umbrella.
Matthew is completely involved in the action of each story, interacting with the performers and the audience throughout. “Working at the V&A is a rich and rewarding experience. I have worked alongside many talented performers, exploring together the varied ways in which sign language can enrich and deepen the performance for deaf and hearing children alike. I am excited to see where the signed performances go in the future.” Matthew Wainright from Deaf Umbrella.
BSL interpretation supported by The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation.

Pop-up Performance takes place on Saturdays and in the holidays at 11.00, 13.00 & 15.00. Performance duration approximately 30 minutes.

Saturdays 14 October – The Magic of Diwali
Come with us on this epic journey of dark and light, lost and found, where music and words will magically take you into another world. The story of Diwali is told by Spare Tyre artists Arti Prashar and Filipe de Sousa.
Location: Level 1, South Asia, room 41

Saturdays 26 October – October Half-Term
V&A Opera Residents Metta Theatre present a contemporary solo opera, based on the Marriage of Figaro’s Susanna, for all the family.
Location: Level 1, Raphael, Room 48a and Level 1, The Sackler Centre for arts education

Friday 29 December – Christmas Sing-along
Enjoy Christmas classics, from around the world with Chickenshed and create new festive jingles for everyone.
Location: Level 4, The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre

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New services for disabled person affected by the Grenfell Fire.

ADKC is now offering 2 new services for people affected directly or indirectly by the Grenfell Tragedy:

1. A short course for disabled people who want to know more about the impact of trauma, the effect this has and how to support each other. This will lead on to a peer support group / drop-in affecting people who have suffered trauma.

2. A service to provide support to disabled people who have been directly / indirectly impacted as a result of Grenfell and to learn from disabled people’s experiences. (You would be directly impacted if you lived in/around Grenfell or if you lost relatives / friends. You could be indirectly affected could be if  you are worried about how you would escape in a similar situation or you services are delayed and you are told this is because of Grenfell.

For more information see our GRENFELL web page tab, or contact ADKC on 020 8960 8888

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Do you take Prescription medicines?

The health authority is looking at options for changing the way it gives medications. They hope that this will save money for the NHS and decreasing the amount of medicine that is wasted.

There are two aspects they are looking at:

1. stopping the automatic repeat prescriptions (as some people build up stocks of medications they are not always using)


2. stopping prescribing medicines that are easily available to buy.

There is more information, and forms for you to have your say, on the Healthwatch Website.


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Access K and C report

ADKC’s Access Kensington and Chelsea project worked with members and local disabled people to identify and score venues in Kensington and Chelsea to decide which was the “most accessible” in each of a number of categories. Here is the report:

Access K and C “Most Accessible”report (pdf)

Click for more information about ADKC’s Access Project and Access Group

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Audio-described Architecture tours

From our colleagues at VocalEyes:

Audio-described architecture tours for Open House London 2017

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2017

Open House London celebrates all that is best about the capital’s buildings, places and neighbourhoods. Every September, it gives a unique opportunity to get out and under the skin of London’s amazing architecture, with buildings of all kinds opening their doors to everyone – all for free. Each year, VocalEyes runs audio-described tours of 4 buildings, led by one of our describers with a representative from the architectural firm or building.

Each tour lasts approximately 90 minutes.This year, the buildings are: Salters’ Hall, Lloyd’s Register Group, The Freemasons’ Hall and Canada House.

Do read on for more details about the four buildings including dates and times of the tours and how to book for the tours.

Salters’ Hall
4 London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5DE

Tour: Saturday 16 September 2017, 10:00 (Please arrive by 09:45 for a prompt start), led by VocalEyes describer Tony McBride with Timandra Nichols, Salters’ Hall tour guide.

Salters’ Hall, a Grade II listed Brutalist building, has recently reopened following extensive renovation by De Metz Forbes Knight Architects in 2016. Designed by Sir Basil Spence in the 1970s with interiors by David Hicks, this building is home to the Salters’ Company, one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies. Come and explore the Salters’ Company historic archive as well as their fine silver collections through an audio-described tour of this stunning building.

The tour  will take you on a journey through the Hall from the glazed wooden pavilion entrance into the archive in the basement.  Then out into the garden before taking the cantilever staircase up to the double-height Livery Hall, which is fully lined in a fluted or reeded ash panelling, with corner windows, and a gallery.  There will also be an opportunity to visit the   Ladies’ Dining Room, with a gallery that overlooks the livery hall and an opportunity to gain a bird’s eye view of the garden and the surrounding cityscape including the old London Wall from a glass balcony.

More information about the audio-described tour of Salters’ Hall
Lloyd’s Register Group
71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BS

Tour: Saturday 16 September 2017, 16:00, led by VocalEyes describer Lonny Evans with Louise Sanger, Lloyd’s Register, Heritage & Education Centre, Deputy Manager.

Lloyd’s Register is one of the great City institutions, founded in 1760, with the same maritime and coffee-house roots as Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s Register has occupied the site on the corner of Fenchurch Street since 1901 when Thomas Edward Collcutt completed the splendidly decorated Edwardian baroque palazzo. Ninety-nine years later, the Richard Rogers steel and glass towers building was completed.

The audio-described tour  will take you on a journey from the courtyard through to the reception and lobby areas of the steel and glass Roger’s building into the 1901 Collcutt building and its restored interiors.

More information about the audio-described tour of Lloyd’s Register Group 
The Freemasons’ Hall 
60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ
Tour: Sunday 17 September 2017, 10:00 (Please arrive by 09:45 for a prompt tour start), led by VocalEyes Describer Tony McBride.

The Freemasons’ Hall has been the centre of English Freemasonry for 230 years. It is the meeting place for over 1,000 Masonic Lodges and is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, the oldest Grand Lodge in the world.

The audio-described tour will start in the main entrance through the open doors on Great Queen’s Street.  The tour will then take you on a journey up the circular ceremonial stairs through three large vestibules (corresponding to the three degrees in Freemasonry): the Shrine, the Registration and the Assembly.  With the opportunity to admire many of the features of the building including The Memorial Shrine  and bronze memorial casket before passing through the heavily decorated Masonic bronze doors into the splendour of the Grand Temple.

More information about the audio-described tour of The Freemasons’ Hall
Canada House 
Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5BJ
Tour: Sunday 17 September 2017, 15:00, led by VocalEyes describer Di Langford and Simon Anderson from Canada House.

Canada House has been the centre of Canada’s presence in the UK from the time it was first envisioned by High Commissioner Peter Larkin in 1922. It is an important part of Canadian history in the UK, with a place in the memories of thousands of Canadians.

The audio-described tour will take you on a journey from the Trafalgar Square lobby into the Mackenzie King Room On the ground floor with references to the old Union Club and then up the main stair case with the unique light sculpture to a number of the magnificent meeting rooms in the building with great examples of Canadian furniture and art work.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the Board room and dining space on the top floor named the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Room, a grand space with views over Trafalgar Square, St Martin-in-the-Fields, the National Gallery, Big Ben and the London Eye. Weather permitting there will also be the opportunity to step out on to the garden terrace with its planted green roof and wall again with breath-taking views over Trafalgar Square.

More information about the audio-described tour of Canada House
If you would like to book your place on one or more of these tours, please use our Open House London 2017 online booking form (SurveyMonkey).  If you have any problems at all using this form then please email enquiries@vocaleyes.co.uk or call the office on 020 7375 1043 and leave your details.

Find out more about audio description of architecture and what happens on a tour.

With thanks to the the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and the Drapers’ Company for their support in making this year’s tours possible.

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Who’ll be at the Independent Living and Care Fair?

The word Independence on a green traffic sign, with a white arrow pointing to the right

We already have lots of interest for our re-booked Independent Living and Care Fair on Wednesday 4th October 2017.

Here is a sneak previous of who you can expect to see at our event for people who need extra support to live an Independent Life - keep checking back to see who else joins up !  Follow us on twitter (#IndependentLivingandCareFair) / facebook.

Council / Health Services:

- Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

- CLCH (Central London Community Health)

Care Agencies:

- Age UK K&C,

- Ashbourne Healthcare,

- Bluebird K&C,

- Good Care Group,

- Grace Eyre (share lives scheme),

- Right at Home,

(Helping Hands have also requested a place and are on a wait list).

Direct Payment / Personal Budget support services (supporting people to employ their own staff)

- Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC),

- Barrie Payroll,

- David Howard Payroll,

- Disability Rights UK (Personal budgets information line / Tell Us About Your Care partnership),

- Fish Insurance,

- Mark Bates Insurance,

- RBKC Direct Payments Team

Local Community Organisations

- Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea (ADKC),

- Age UK K&C,

- British Red Cross,

- Community Alarm Service (KCTMO),

- Disability Justice Project,

- Disability Rights UK

- Health trainers,

- Healthwatch CWL,

- Kensington Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB),

- Transport for All.

Commercial services:

- My Care Consultant,


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New Carers Service – meeting on 8th Aug.

From the new Carers service in RBKC – Carer’s Network:

Carers Network wins contract to deliver carers hub service in Royal Borough of Kensington &Chelsea; Council meetings on Tues 8 August

In January the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council invited organisations to apply to run their new carers hub service – you may have been involved in the meetings they had about it last year.

This service covers things like providing advice and information, support groups, carers assessments and events.

We are delighted to report that Carers Network has been successful in our bid to run the carers hub service in the borough for the next three years! The contract started on 1 August 2017.

We are excited that we will now be able to work with carers across the borough.

For carers to find out more about the new carers hub, the council are holding 2 special meetings on Tuesday 8th August 2017, both at Kensington Town Hall, Civic Centre, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX.

The afternoon meeting will be on Tues 8th August, from 2pm – 4pm

The evening meeting will be on Tues 8th August, from 6pm – 8pm

At these meetings Chidi Okeke, (Interim) Strategic Commissioner, Adult Social Care & Peter Beard, Senior Commissioning Officer Learning Disabilities and Carers, Tri-borough Adults Joint Commissioning will present on the new services.

Both meetings will be the same, so please just come along to whichever of the two is most convenient.

There is no need to register for these meetings.

We look forward to hopefully meeting you at one of them.

Carers network can be contacted on 020 8960 3033

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Funding for training for PA employers and their PAs

If you employ a Personal Assistant (paid private carer), you might be able to get funding for training.

Skills for Care has funding for “Individual Employers” – people who use a social services direct payment / personal budget, or who pay from their own money to employ someone to help them live an independent life in their own home.

This funding can be used to get training for the Personal Assistant – to help them support you better, or for you as a PA employer – to help you be a better employer.

Training could include social care qualifications, or specific modules – such as Dementia Awareness. It could be for general courses around personal assistance – such as moving and handling, safe food preparation, first aid – if this would be part of their role with you. It could also be for training for non-traditional support, where it would be of use to you – for example, if you have a lot of discomfort and feel that you PA having massage skills would be of use.

As an employer you might like extra training on employers responsibilities, supervision and/ or training techniques…

You can find out more information, and a video, on the Skills for Care Individual Employer Funding web-page. They also have lots of other resources for people employing Personal Assistants.

If you want training for yourself as an employer, or you PA, and you need help to apply for this, contact Jenny on 020 8960 8888 or email pbsupport@adkc.org.uk for help to complete the form.



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Daybed / wheelchair – for private sale.

A message from an ADKC member about an item for sale privately:

Amazing daybed/wheelchair for sale

I have an air comfort Hill Heath Care deluxe daybed/wheelchair for sale, with footrests and tray.

It is in excellent condition as it was only used for 4 months.

It is one continuous pressure mattress that adapts to different positions and has padded side panels and headrests that can be collapsed to allow a transfer from a hospital style bed.

It enabled my husband who was paralysed to be taken out and visit our local lexi cinema and the Tricycle theatre.

The chair sits high off the ground ,is easily pushed and is very manoeuvrable because of the fantastic engineering which has gone into it. Details are on Action Mobility Centre- Pressure Relieving Air Chair.

I originally paid nearly £2000 and would like £1000 for it.

Telephone  020 8459 7346 or 07502 122 337 and ask to speak to Heather

Disclaimer: private sale

ADKC’s Newsflash and Website aim to provide a forum for local disabled people.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ADKC or its Executive Committee.  We obtain our news and information from reputable organisations and their publications, but cannot undertake to test all services or items printed herein. ADKC has no responsibility for ensuring that the item advertised is f

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Inclusive Swimming – back by popular demand!

A notice from colleagues at Kensington Leisure Centre -

Come along to out FREE swimming sessions -

When: Friday’s 14:00 – 15:00

Where: Kensington Leisure Centre – Teaching Pool

Who: Melinda

Duration: We’ll be hosting this session every Friday from 7th July 2017 – 30th March 2018

How much?: Free! Access via the Leisure Pass (Inclusive Swimming Initiative)

If you are interested, you can get a form at ADKC which you will need to complete and take along to the leisure centre with you when you go.

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