Do you employ a Personal Assistant or Carer?

As you will undoubtedly have heard – there is a new data protection law coming into play on Friday 25th May.

This also applies to disabled people who employ Personal Assistants or (paid) carers.

You can get information to give to your employees, and template letters, from your Employer’s Liability Insurance legal helpline.

  • For Fish Insurance -  the legal helpline is Penninsula -  which you can use if you have the £135 policy.
  • For Mark Bates / Premier Care – the legal helpline – MSL – which you can use if you have any level of cover.

You will need to have your policy number to get advice from the legal helpline.


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Disability Connect – New Flyer!!

Our Disability Connect project, which supports isolated Disabled people between the ages of 18-49, has a new  flyer!!

For more information about the project, please contact Simone Galloway on 020 8960 8888 (Mon, Tues and Thurs) or email her at

Dis connect flyer pic

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Barriers to Independent Living

Every year on the 5th May, the European Network on Independent Living celebrates the European Independent Living Day! The theme for this year’s celebrations was “Barriers to Independent Living”.

Local disabled people who attended the Independent Living Surgery  in May discussed what Independent Living means, and looked at the “12 basic rights for disabled people” to identify which barriers to living an independent life still exist.

The report that attendees contributed is available here: Barriers to Independent Living (pdf) or Barriers to Independent Living  Large Print 18pt (pdf)

If you want to know more about our Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea project, or the Personal Budget support  service,  contact Jenny on 020 8960 8888 or email

You can also follow us on:

Check out our events page  for the dates of our independent living surgery and personal budget user group.

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Have your say for European Independent Living Day!

European Independent Living Day is on 5th May 2018 – this year’s theme is “Barriers to Independent Living” – specifically, barriers to voting and citizenship, and barriers to the European Accessibility Act.

Our Independent Living Surgery on Weds 2nd, will have a look a barriers for local disabled people… 0ur new Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea Facebook page has more information….

If you are not able to come along, you can still participate… they European Independent Living Network’s (ENIL) webpage  gives more information..

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2nd May -Meetup introduction for Happy Group members

Are you a member of the ADKC Happy Group?

If so, come along to our one-off introduction to the Kensington and Chelsea Meetup - a new social group for members of ADKC and SMART – and find out more about this new project …

Come along on Wednesday 2nd May, at the ADKC Centre, between 4-5pm.

Our Meet up flyer contains some basic information about the Kensington and Chelsea Meetup.

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What is safeguarding presentation – 1st May!

Do you want to find out how to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect?

Please come to our ‘What is Safeguarding’ presentation given by Mary Wynne – Bi-borough Safeguarding Adults Officer.

TUESDAY 1st May 2018 – 2-4 pm at ADKC

Please contact Mariya or Jamie at ADKC to find out more or to book your place.

 Jamie:;  Mariya:

or call: 020 8960 8888

Location: The ADKC Centre, Whitstable House, Silchester Road, W10 6SB

see our Safeguarding flyer


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Spring 18 Newsflash now available

Our Newsflash is a bi-monthly publication that lets people now what ADKC has been involved in, and things of interest to local disabled people.

In our Spring 2018 Newsflash we have:

  • An editorial by Jamie Renton, CEO.
  • ADKC’s upcoming increased presence on social media – and how you can get involved.
  • Housing and disabled people in Kensington and Chelsea…
  • Our upcoming project for disabled women…

Click to view the PDF version of the ADKC Spring 18 Newsflash. Copies will  be popping through the doors , or into the email inboxes, of members soon!

This and or older publications can also be accessed our publications archive webpage

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Meet-Up group launch (postponed)

Our MEET-UP group launch that was due to take place on Friday, has been postponed.

If you are interested in the meet-up, and would like to be involved in a Working Group, please get in touch.

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Minimum Wage Increase – PA /Care employers take note.

If you privately employ a Personal Assistant / Support worker / paid carer you need to know that…

In April there is an increase in:

  1. minimum wage AND
  2. Pension Contributions.

National Minimum Wage / National “Living” Wage:  These are the amounts, set by Government every year, which are the MINIMUM amount that employees have to be paid. From April you need to pay AT LEAST £7.83 per hour if they are 25 years old or older. Other rates apply for workers under 25. Information on minimum wage increases.

Workplace contribution: If your Personal Assistant is entitled to a Workplace pension, you need to know that this is also increasing. This means that your Personal Assistant has to pay more from their wage, and you have to pay more employers contribution. Information on Pension increases

You MIGHT already be paying more than the minimum… but if you aren’t, and you are worried about whether your budget will stretch, you might need to contact social services (if you have a Personal Budget) or the CCG (if you have a Personal Health Budget).

If you want further information, you can speak with the people that do your payroll or contact ADKC’s Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea project on 020 8960 8888  and ask Jenny or email to 

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Scams and Fraud event

Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents is holding a  Scams and Fraud event with Community Safety Team and Age UK K&C

23 March 2018, 10:30am – 3:15pm
Small Hall, Kensington Town Hall
The Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents is holding an event we thought might be of interest to you.
The event, in collaboration with the Community Safety Team, is scheduled on Friday 23rd March in the Small Hall, Kensington Town Hall.

The event starts at 10.30am and will end at 3.15pm. They will be covering a wide area and have the Tri-Borough Police Commander (BCU) giving an outline of the changes.

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