PA Vacancy


To be put in touch with the local disabled person who is offering this job, please initially email: - quoting reference AZ01

The Role:

A Kensington and Chelsea-based young man, who needs support to lead an active life in the community, is looking for a Personal Assistant (preferably female)

“I have a very mild cerebral palsy (walking using kaye walker) also I stammer I am a social person I like going to the cinema, trips to the park, explore London and want to be out and about Therefore you will be required to accompany me to social activities when requested. And able to fit in with my lifestyle so it is not obvious to others that you are a paid supporter.”


- Honest and trustworthy,

- Have a sense of humour

- Flexible

- Patient

- Open-minded

- Ability to navigate London

(Preferably having  your own car)


What you can expect from me:

To be treated with dignity and respect

And having plenty of fun


Pay is £10 per hour gross, paid 4 weekly in arrears. This job is NOT cash in hand – you will be on the payroll.

The days and times could vary depending on what the employer’s priorities, appointments or chosen activities are – but this would be agreed in advance


You must be legally entitled to work in the UK.

You must have a National Insurance number and a UK bank account.

You must be flexible with the days and times you can work.

To express your interest in this job, please send an email

  1. Saying a little bit about yourself – including what is important to you personally, what your character is like, what things you enjoy doing and any experience you have of supporting other people – whether disabled or not – to live an active life.
  2. Saying why you think would be the idea person for the job, and
  3. Confirmation that you meet the “essential” points listed above.