PB user group helps NHS create personalised care plans

“Experts by Experience” from ADKC’s Personal Budget User Group met with key officials developing Personalised Care Plans for use with Personal Health Budgets.

A group of 8 people with a lot of experience about care and support plans (for themselves or for relatives) met with officials from the NHS digital health team to help them explore what people’s experiences were when it came to what should be in a personalised support plan.

We discussed:

  • What are people’s experiences of Personalised Care and Support Plans?
  • What people think should be in a personalised plan?
  • What type of information should be covered?
  • Whose words should be reflected in the plan?? and who should write is?
  • Who should have access to all or some of the plan?
  • What type of technology could be used to help people keep their plans up to date?
  • What concerns do people have about using comuterised care plans?

Our meeting is one of 6 – 3, including ours are for people with longterm health conditions and 3 others are for people with learning disabilities??or Autism.

Once all meetings are completed the NHS will use the research to make sure that people on Personal Health Budgets can benefit from personalised care and support plans!

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