Minimum Wage Increase – PA /Care employers take note.

If you privately employ a Personal Assistant / Support worker / paid carer you need to know that…

In April there is an increase in:

  1. minimum wage AND
  2. Pension Contributions.

National Minimum Wage / National “Living” Wage:?? These are the amounts, set by Government every year, which are the MINIMUM amount that employees have to be paid. From April you need to pay AT LEAST ??7.83 per hour if they are 25 years old or older. Other rates apply for workers under 25. Information on minimum wage increases.

Workplace contribution:??If your Personal Assistant is entitled to a Workplace pension, you need to know that this is also increasing. This means that your Personal Assistant has to pay more from their wage, and you have to pay more employers contribution. Information on Pension increases

You MIGHT already be paying more than the minimum… but if you aren’t, and you are worried about whether your budget will stretch, you might need to contact social services (if you have a Personal Budget) or the CCG (if you have a Personal Health Budget).

If you want further information, you can speak with the people that do your payroll or contact ADKC’s Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea project on 020 8960 8888?? and ask Jenny or email to??

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