Access Project

Our Access Project aims to work with local disabled people and the Access Group to find the most accessible places in the borough.

Our Access K and C “Most Accessible”report shows the most accessible locations in the Royal Borough as decided upon by members of our Access Group.

If you would like to be involved, or if you know of local accessible venues, feel free to get in contact with Mariya on Friday afternoons, on 020 8960 8888 or by email to

Mariya introduces herself:

Hello friends, my name is Mariya Stoeva, I am an active member of ADKC, participating in many groups and activities, I’ve also been a trustee for a few years. I have just become the coordinator of a new ADKC project called ACCESS KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA, which sets out to find the most accessible places in the Royal Borough, making it easier for disabled people like me to find such places. Together let’s make Kensington and Chelsea the most accessible place in the whole country!