Independent Lives K&C

Developed following on from our project for people using Personal Budgets (PB), Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea has extended its scope to include ADKC members who don’t have a PB, as well as those who do!

When designing the project, we spoke to disabled people who said:

“There are many barriers for disabled people – this makes it difficult to have control, so it is difficult to lead an independent and meaningful life“.

“Society sees disabled people as scroungers. We need to have an opportunity to show that we can make a positive contribution to society“.

“Decisions are being made about disabled people by others - disabled people should be fully involved!

So with this in mind we have designed the Independent Lives K&C project.

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Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea (ILKC) will work at YOUR pace to support you with any/all of the following. The choice is yours!

1. We can -

  • support you to identify any barriers you have to living an independent life,
  • help you to find more information about Independent Living options,
  • link you in with other services (where necessary),
  • work with you to develop, and progress, an “Independent Living plan”.

2. We can also -

  • help you identify the skills, strengths and interests that you already have,
  • identify opportunities to make use of these skills,
  • support you to learn new skills and /or develop your interests,
  • work with you to write, and progress, a “Personal Development Plan”.

3. And, if you are interested, we can support you to:

  • work together in a more equal partnership with decision-makers to improve services locally for disabled people – this is called co-production.

And, as with our PB project, there will be:

  • peer support sessions – so you can share experiences to get advice from, or give advice to, other people.
  • chances for you to say how you want the project to run
  • opportunities to get involved identifying what information should be available and creating this
  • advice and support for people who have a Personal Budget or who pay privately for care and support services
  • and much more….

For more information contact Jenny ( or Glenda ( or call 020 8960 8888

Independent Lives Kensington and Chelsea is a three-year project funded by the City of London Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust.

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