Two weeks to tackle transport discrimination

Have you experienced discrimination when trying to access public transport? Have you been trated like a second class citizen when you have tried to use a train or bus? Have you been told there are no accessible toilets on the train, in the stations?

If you have… I am sure you would have liked to get proper justice! but many people can’t afford the legal fees.

The #transportjustice project would tackle this problems by having solicitors to help local disabled people for free

HOWEVER, they need to raise ??10,000 to pay the solicitors – they already have ??6500 in two weeks, but if they can’t raise ??3500 more by the 28th September, they don’t get anything!

This will mean that all the disabled people who would have benefited from the funding, will not be able to… and disabled people will still be discriminated against when trying to use public transport.

If you, or your friends/family, can afford to donate a small amount – go to??

Whether you can make a financial contribution or not, please share the information with as many other people as possible – in person, over the phone, via social media??(using #transportjustice )or any other way you can think!

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