User Groups

Much of ADKC’s strength lies with the fact that our members have such ??a wide range of skills, talents, knowledge and experience – all of which can be shared to support other members! Our User Groups are evidence of how members are coming together to support one another!

Our current user groups are:

For more about each of the groups mentioned above – click on the link. Or to see when the meetings are, go to our events page.


Not sure what meetings would be of interest (or what to write in the search area on the events page)?

If you use care and support services or need help to live an independent life???

- you might be interested in the ???Independent Living Surgery??? or the ???Personal Budget User Group???.

If you want to campaign or work to make things better for local disabled people???

- you might be interested in the?????Access Group??? or ???Positive Rights Action Group (PRAG)???.

If you need some support with things that are causing you stress???

- you might be interested in the?????Trauma Group??? or ???Positive Empowerment Group (PEG)???

If you are after something a bit more light hearted / social???

- you might be interested in the?????Happy Group??? or the ???Chess and Scrabble???.

If you are looking to learn something???

- see if there is a?????Course?????that is of interest.

For dates, check our events page.