Positive Empowerment Group (PEG)

The Positive Empowerment Group – or PEG – was the brainchild of one of ADKC’s members who identified that ADKC members were really in need of some emotional support.

This is the story of how the group developed – in her words…

“I was always in tears, a sandwich carer for my mum and son and I had problems of my own. I felt like the weight of the world was on top of me and I was sinking. I had no-one to share problems with or offload onto. I approached Jamie, chief executive of ADKC, to discuss how there could be support that helps people like me- as I was sure I wasn’t the only one -and with his help and funding, this user group was born. I have built up a solid base of friends as a result – and, having Joe (facilitator) there, with his knowledge of psychology, he is able to listen to the various issues we are all struggling with and help us to find solutions together.” MP – group founder.

Now called the “Positive Empowerment Group” or “PEG”, it meets once a month on a Monday. Keep an eye on our events page for more information about dates.

These are what a few other PEG members have said:

“I have found it to be a lifeline, and a confidence builder with regards to accepting and living with my disability. You don’t feel like you have to hide your feelings as no-one judges you”. (PD)

” It is my space, a really important place. It is like being at home. I am addicted to it. I am not good with dates but I know that I will have a message from one of my friends from the group to remind me to come along, and I will always be made to feel welcome and be supported”. (HT)

“We all support each other – we generate strength from each other. Joe (facilitator) listens from the side-lines, absorbs everything and chips in to give advice when needed. He is an invaluable part of the group. (NW)

“It is an interesting group. There are issues that resonate with all involved. It is not like traditional counselling or therapy – members generate suggestions and solutions. It is like a ship- with everyone having a go at steering it with a common goal. Some people just come in for a couple of meetings, others are there every time. It is such a welcoming group – something which you do not find anywhere else. Joe Sairally (facilitator)

For more information on the PEG, contact ADKC on 020 8960 8888